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Featured rare books Les Oeuvres Amoureuses de Pétrarque. Sonnets et Triomphes. Traduites en Français avec le Texte en Regard et Précédées d
Les Oeuvres Amoureuses de Pétr ... by Ginguené, P.-L. Ginguené, P. L. Les Oeuvres Amoureuses de Pétrarque. Sonnets et Triomphes
Book Views: 558

Featured rare books Oeuvres Completes du Comte Xavier de Maistre. Nouvelle Edition. Précédée d
Oeuvres Completes du Comte Xav ... by Sainte-Beuve, M Sainte Beuve, M Oeuvres Completes du Comte Xavier de Maistre. Nouvelle Edition
Book Views: 558

Featured rare books Novellas; Incl ... L
Novellas; Incl ... L'Abbesse d ... by Stendhal [Marie-Henri Beyle] (1783–1842) Stendhal [Marie Henri Beyle] (1783–1842) Novellas; Incl ... L'Abbesse de Castro, Vittoria Accoramboni, Les Cenci, La
Book Views: 558

Featured rare books Lettres Complètes d
Lettres Complètes d'Abelard et ... by Gréard, M Gréard, M Lettres Complètes d'Abelard et d'Héloïse. Traduction Nouvelle Précédée d'une Préface par M Gréard (Inspecteur
Book Views: 558

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Old German Bible

Old German Bible Sorry to disappoint but in view of the items condition it is extremely unlikely that this book has any value other than ...

old book in attic This book was a fairly popular title of its time and therefore has only a nominal value I'm afraid ...

old book in attic Book I found in attic was Published by The Gresham Publishing company Ltd, 66, Chandos Street, Covent Gardens, London, ...

Arabic Books I need help finding. 6 Volume 1 of Lexicon bibliographicum et encyclopaedicum a Mustafa ben Abdallah Katib 1835 ...

Maxie Lane I've been informed by Sally Lane that Maxie Lane sadly passed away on 17th April 2014 ...

Edgar Browne , Hablot Browne's(Phiz) son , any info ? also a ref to Bnown (EDGAR ATHELSTANE), 33 Rodney street, Liverpool, is a son of the late Hablot" from Liverpool's ...

Edgar Browne , Hablot Browne's(Phiz) son , any info ? Hmm....found this, could it be 39 Rodney Street? "During the last few years I have been repeatedly urged to put on ...

possible 1st edition the plays of jm barrie Hmm yes i sadly agree with Jimbooks ( ...

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